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 [HowTo]Script/Patch Submission

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PostSubject: [HowTo]Script/Patch Submission   Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:46 am

Welcome, I will be showing you guys how to submit a lua script that was probably not working, or you wanted to fix something, or you wanted an idea of a script.

1 ) Script Idea
2 ) Bugged Script
3 ) Accepted
4 ) Denied

1a ) Script Idea :
Lets say you had an idea of how to get some boss 100% Blizz-Like, or you had a great idea that was for a fun-realm'd boss that was possible to make but you don't have the required Lua Knowledge to do so, Thats where this thread comes in. You submit your idea in the "Script Idea" Sub-Forum and then bam, We will have it in no time. Its just like saying, "We are doing the work", "You give us ideas we'll create it". Self-Explanatory, eh?

2a ) Bugged Script :
Found a bug in our svn? Maybe it could lead to a server crash, it messed up, wipes the raid, destroys anything, unfair, unstable, etc etc. Please report that script in the "Bugged Script" Sub-Forum. Thats why its there, i guess this is another Self-Explanatory thing once more. But please try to provide a fix that will also help us much much much much, did i say much to much? more than trying to discover the error.

3a ) Accepted :
This sub-forum goes along with the "Script Idea" Sub-Forum. Pretty much its just indicating that your or other people's script(s) were accepted by our developers, it worked, non-buggy and was able to get the job done kinda script. So pretty much Self-Explanatory...again. Very Happy

4a ) Denied :
This sub-forum goes along with the "Script Idea" Sub-Forum. Yes, we are very sorry but that was added to indicate that your script was not approved by our developers, it not like we didn't want your help but its just that we didn't find the script needed or one of our developers found a better way to do the script. Its nothing personal or anything! its just the script was good but we didn't need it. Self-Explanatory....again...again.

If you have any questions or concerns please post a reply here, else you won't be able to get some answers.


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[HowTo]Script/Patch Submission
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