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 Announcements : Blua and Emulation

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PostSubject: Announcements : Blua and Emulation   Tue Jul 01, 2014 6:16 pm

Instead of making new posts every time Blua has something to announce, Every update/addition will be added to this thread.

  • (7/1/2014)We have added support for Trinity-Core with the Eluna project. While we originally intended to script 3.3.5+ for ArcEMU awhile back(2010?), The Trinity/Eluna community is much more active and also has a 2.4.3 and a 4.3.4 core. I will be running a 4.3.4 core soon to test what is broken/needs work and can be solved by an Lua script. This does not mean we dropped Arc support entirely, It just means we will be focusing mainly on Trinity/Eluna, If an Arc script does run an error, report it into the bug report forum.

Thanks for reading!


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Announcements : Blua and Emulation
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